Captivating customer experiences

I've spent the last few weeks capturing inspirational customer stories to share their joy and highlight the unique aspects that resonated most with my clients during their photography sessions with Photography By Tina D.

Here's one at a glance:


Clare, spirited mother of a now 13-year-old, embraces adventure with her daughter as they explore new places together. Despite her aversion to being photographed, she decided to embark on a photography session with me, having been warmly recommended by a friend. The motivation behind it was to capture precious moments in time, before reaching the stage where she might no longer be considered 'cool' to hang out with.

The photo session was an enjoyable experience, marked by the backdrop of a beloved beach. Clare and her daughter delighted in the opportunity to get slightly wet and infuse the shoot with a sense of joy.

"It was so much fun and I am grateful that i was able to capture Mia before she turned into a teenager!"

Throughout the session, my approach was described by Clare as 'relaxed and fun,' enhancing the overall experience of preserving their special moments in time.